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Welcome to Cohiba Atmosphere Nicosia!

When we set out to create our lounge, we had a vision. When in Cuba, there is a unique and almost mystical emotion that one feels when enjoying a Habanos accompanied by the finest spirits or blends of coffee. Our aim was to recreate this experience in the heart of Cyprus.

Whether it’s to have that catch-up chat with friends, or to have that business meeting in a tropical environment, or to just relax and put on pause your daily routine, Cohiba Atmosphere Nicosia is only too happy to indulge you.

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Register so you never miss
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Love, in general, is fleeting. Adoring a cigar is rooted in initial curiosity, gradual appreciation and ultimate voyaging. Many are those who delve in cigar smoking because of social considerations, and that’s fine. However the passion for the experience is a deep personal emotion and only truly requires oneself, one’s cigar and the peace to relish it. ‘Officiellement’ it brings friends together and is a prop in celebrations or grievances. ‘Officieusement’ it is selfish and personal.

Alexis Tsielepis

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